Streamline cloud-based software used across your organization.

SaaSTrax helps you manage software across your organization, making it easier to discover Shadow IT, mitigate compliance issues, as well as reduce expenses.

Reduce your risk in 3 simple steps:

Discovery Method

Examine your financials to uncover your complete database of SaaS.

Get Transparent

Run an audit to find out what software your employees say they are using.

Reduce Your Risk

Review the analysis of your software audit to find and eliminate IT risk exposure.

A Clear View

Dashboard displays a birds-eye view of the most critical metrics like underutilized subscriptions, waste, and spend.

A Clear View

Dashboard displays a birds-eye view of the most critical metrics like waste, underutilized subscriptions, and spend.

Efficient Solution

Manage all your cloud-based software in one place and view who is responsible for each account. No more tracking down individuals month after month for expense reporting.

Active Alerts

Alerts notify you when you’ve hit waste thresholds as well as critical subscription elements like expiration dates, unused seats, and security breaches.

The Proof is in the Numbers


of our customers find potential IT risk

Trust. Manage.

SaaSTrax eliminates excess expenditures by identifying unused subscriptions and redundant plans.

Discover & Uncover

Gain visibility into spend beyond IT and finance


Average Cost Savings

“SaaSTrax is a trusted product and partner that exceeded my expectations.  It opened our eyes to software that we were unknowingly using.  The product was easy for all employees to use, and its immediate financial impact uncovered over $7,500 in annual savings.”

– Greg Gentner, COO, Lyra Intel

Reduce your liability

Easily view each of your employee’s subscriptions so that you can modify, cancel or reassign subscriptions and avoid security breaches from inactive accounts.

High Level Security

SaaSTrax contains the same level of security as banking or accounting software and contains user permissions to make sure that not everyone has access to private account information.