SaaS Compliance

While SaaS and cloud-based software has made it easy for companies to quickly execute use, it also opens security concerns with access to sensitive information and company databases.

SaaSTrax gives compliance teams the safeguards needed to quickly view,
manage, and take action on software used across the organization:

Real-time monitoring of employee use and access.

See a full report on all of the SaaS used at your organization.

Streamline the process of SaaS usage across your organization.

Centralize control of cloud-based software from one platform

Access a historic record of company and employee software use.

Connect company-wide SaaS spending and usage across multiple departments including IT, accounting, and compliance.

SaaSTrax helps support your due diligence in vendor relationships especially as it pertains to SOC 2. Our reporting feature gives you access to quickly view and manage all cloud-based vendors used at your organization.