No More Sneaky Shadow SaaS

Easily see which subscriptions are being used at your company:

  • Track & manage all subscriptions used at your company
  • Eliminate risk of unapproved software
  • Run an audit that gives you actual employee usage
  • Notifications of underutilized subscriptions
  • Visualize wasted expenses

Find your recurring payments

SaaSTrax securely queries your bank and credit card transactions to identify your recurring payments and gives you immediate insight to potential risk and compliance issues such as:

  • duplicate vendors
  • unapproved subscriptions
  • free trials that accidentally became active accounts

Import your team’s email addresses

Connect or upload your email address book to prepare to send out your Subscription Audit.

Run Your Subscription Audit

The audit sends an email to your employees with a link to a 1-minute survey which asks them to confirm which subscriptions they are currently using.

Review Your Results

After your team completes their survey, your dashboard will start to paint a picture of where your risks are, and where costs lie.

How are you managing your IT risk and compliance?

In two simple steps SaaSTrax uncovers potential risk and offers cost savings.
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